Get to know great people you've missed due to corona crisis

Don't get blocked from great networking experience while staying at home office. Sign up for Bizroulette now and randomly meet professionals with related interests.

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How does it work?

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Don't miss out networking opportunities

We can't give such exciting presentations like all the fantastic speakers at all those great conferences out there, which currently need to be cancelled due to sad COVID-19 pandemic. But we can make sure you will network at least as good or even more targeted, as on any after-work event.

  1. Get connected with people with whom your share a common interest in
  2. Networking in individual 1 to 1 sessions
  3. Intensify your new business relations via email afterwards

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Why to network from home?
Bizroulette strongly supports the idea of #StayTheFuckHome and #FlattenTheCurve.
That's the idea:
If everyone gets infected by Covid-19 at the same time, hospitals will be overwhelmed and people will die without treatment. In order to prevent the spread of the virus and to "flatten" the daily infection rates, it is important to reduce personal contact and a possible risk of infection among people.
Therefore, it is better to work and as well network from home - by doing so you support your own business and give hospitals a better chance of providing all patients with the necessary help over a longer period of time.
Which contact informations will be published and shared?
None, as long as you do not actively approve. After each chat, we will ask you, if you would like to exchange your e-mail address with your latest chat partner.
How long is a call and can I leave it?
There is no time limit in any call. But in case your counterpart is not a fit, you can leave every chat without negative consequences.
Will the video call be recorded?
No. No way. What you discuss with your chat partner is none of our business.
How do you earn money?
For the moment we do not earn any money with Bizroulette. We get paid by getting great business leads - same as you do as well. By accident now we ourselves are our most enthusiastic users ;-)
But if you would like to be a sponsor, click here.
What's the story behind bizroulette?
As we - the - are huge fans and regular attendees of conferences like SXSW we sadly felt, we will be missing great talks and valuable business leads, now everyone better stays a home and all big business events and conferences need to get cancelled. A flash of inspiration later, Bizroulette idea was born and implemented.

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