Bizroulette for Enterprises

Bizroulette helps your employees to get to know each other and leverage positive benefits of a global-wide knowledge sharing culture. With distributed employees around the globe, multiple offices or remote work bizroulette can help you to leverage your internal network.


Your benefits

  • Instant Cross-Department, Interdisciplinary and Cross-Country networking without any travels
  • Keep you team connected even if you can’t meet physical
  • Onboard new employees and help them to get to know each other and step their ground
  • Use bizroulette as a creativity tool and foster internal innovation: Iterate and Pitch ideas with random stakeholders in your company

Service included

  • Protected Company Space: Only your employees can login and connect
  • Individual Design & Domain for your space
  • Automated invitation management: Depending on interests your employees are regularly invited
  • Manual invitation management: Select employees and invite them to sessions
  • Your participants will be reminded through an Invitation with iCal appointments
  • Make use of our creativity and innovation modes: 6-3-5 method, 6-Thinking Hats, Elevator Pitch, Crazy 8 and many more


< 100 employees
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100 - 500 employees
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500 - 1.000 employees
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> 1.000 employees
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